Ink and Paper: Forward-thinking FM radio promotion and publicity services for artists of all walks of life.

Ink and Paper is a company that aims to help artists get their music heard, from radio airplay to reviews and interviews. They specifically focus on FM radio and print and online media. These time-tested platforms are still fantastic for artists to reach a new audience and bring some value to their songs! In the fast-paced world of music on the web, getting exposure through reviews and interviews is a place where people can still get introduced to your music, savoring every note. The people who read these publications are the ones who will care, meaning that Ink and Paper will take your music in front of genuine music fans, focusing the promotional efforts where they matter the most.

Ink and Paper welcomes performers, bands, artists, and songwriters of all genres, including rock, pop, world, folk, New Age, jazz, country/Americana, punk, metal, alternative, pop, instrumental, and so much more. Not sure whether you’d be a good fit? Drop us a line! We would be happy to hear from you.

Ink and Paper offers FM radio promotion and online and print media publicity services with cost-effective packages starting at $75. Contact us at inkpaperpub@yahoo.com.